Monday 29 May 2017

Ynys-hir Moths

Seventy eight Macro species and sixteen Micros (plus a few that got away).
Two traps in Woodland/garden habitat and a small Heath trap in wet grassland.
As is to be expected the Hawkmoths proved most interesting to visitors, particularly the Eyed H/m when provoked into flashing his wings and amazement from some that moth could be pink.  Quote, "I thought they were all grey".
One of the micros Pammene germmana was only the second record for the county, the first was found by us in the same location last year.
Thanks to all for coming, visitor and local moth-ers alike.
Ina and Tony
Anania lancealis

Possible Argyresthia conjugella f.maculosa

Barred Hook-tip


Clouded Border

Dwarf Pug



Tawny Shears


  1. Replies
    1. I spent some time on this one. Too small for conjugella and more things fitted with bonnetella, like leg and head colour. Just looked entirely different when we caught it, never good from a photo these things especially with my photography!

  2. It doesn't really seem to fit the standard pattern for either species - would be worthy of the chop to be sure!

  3. Thanks Peter and Dave. I have to admit I had not considered A.conjugella f.maculosa. I had written size 4.5 down so dismissed conjugella and at the end of a long know the rest.
    I guess we will never know for sure now as the moth has flown but will keep an eye out for another.


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