Monday 25 January 2016

Winter woodland moths

It was a balmy 15C with a light breeze when we set two traps in predominantly oak woodland last night. The high winds later on removed the light from one of the traps but the light kept running and we still had a reasonable catch: 7 Spring usher, 4 Dotted border, 14 Chestnut, 3 Winter moth, 2 Mottled umber, 1 Pale brindled beauty, and 22 Tortricodes alternella.
Dotted border
Tony & Ina

Sunday 24 January 2016

Our First Spring Ushers

Following our excellent social moth gathering in Aberaeron we were inspired to put out two traps last night.  The minimum temperature was 8°C.  The trap in oak woodland produced 16 Spring Ushers of two main forms, seven Chestnuts, four Winter Moths and two Tortricodes alternella (FL 11mm).  In the more exposed garden trap we had just one Winter Moth and one Satellite.

Carolyn & Evan

Saturday 9 January 2016

Common Quaker

We were surprised to find this Common Quaker in our garden trap this morning along with plentiful Winter Moths and one Mottled Umber.  According to Waring these usually appear March to May but small numbers may emerge in mild spells during late autumn and winter. This was a first for us and  seems to fit with the abnormally mild weather conditions for this time of year, another sign of which were the plentiful number of garden slugs on the trap.

Carolyn & Evan

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Mottled Grey

My trusty little 6w bucket was deployed in a lovely bit of Ynys-hir woodland off the main reserve last night. Not a great total number of moths, Winter Moth being the most numerous, Mottled Umber, Spring Usher, Chestnut and the surprise of the day one Mottled Grey male.  This is the earliest recorded in the county the previous record being the 8th of Jan 2012.


Monday 4 January 2016

2015 Records

Here's wishing everyone a happy new (mothing) year.

2016 is the last year of records for the new atlas. When we have all the latest records in we will be able to pinpoint any areas that may be under recorded.

Many thanks to those who have already submitted records.

Please, let us have any remaining 2015 records as soon as possible.

Tony and Ina