Saturday 20 May 2017

Pen Dinas micros

Despite the strong breeze, there were several micros around the bottom of Pen Dinas this afternoon: Celypha lacunana, Pammene rhediella, Grapholita internana and one of my favourites, Micropterix aruncella.

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  1. Brilliant. We had G.internana yesterday too but the other side of Aber, it must be nearly everywhere there's Gorse at the moment. If anyone else out there is looking around Gorse you can usually spot the males in flight by there white hindwings. The small brown micro flying in quantity around Gorse at the moment is most likely Cydia ulicetana so if you can catch one or two they are easy to tell apart.
    Looked for M.aruncella the other day without any luck, plenty of calthella about though, as in previous posts.


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