Friday 13 December 2013

Saharan Dust

Interesting 'Tweet' from BC.

RT : Saharan dust over the UK tonight Might be worth putting the out

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Scarce and Mottled umbers

Put the trap out in the garden on Sunday night and had Winter moths, December moths, Feathered thorn, November moth agg, and Light brown apple moth. As Sarah has found, most of them were found outside of the trap.

Trapped in a small mixed woodland on Monday night and caught Scarce umbers, Mottled umbers, November moth aggs, Winter moth and Spruce carpet.

Mottled umber

Scarce umber

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Depressaria radiella/heraclei? otherwise known as the Parsnip moth

This one had a leg missing so it was euthanased.  The lines are 8mm apart and I measured the wl as 13mm.  Very shiny and flat with spots on the termen and a pale V with dark streaking on the inner part of the wing so I hope my id is correct.  OK, so you lot have been catching loads of them…
What is behind the name change?  What does heraclei mean and am I right in thinking the radiella is something to do with the streak pattern or that they are born with one leg short and crawl round in circles?

Chestnuts plus

I've just picked up on Sarah's Dark Chestnut.
 I had these 2 very contrasting Chestnuts in my box in late November which made me consult the books.  I'm sure they are Chestnuts but it would be instructive for some of our less experienced trappers  (inc me!) to see your Dark Chestnut Sarah, can you post it on the blog?

Bats are still flying as are lots of moths in my headlights.
Butterfly Conservation Newsletter with interesting stuff on our moths in Wales has just been published on-line.  Go to the website and click on newsletter.

Sorry second pic not cropped enough.