Saturday 13 July 2024

Hungry Shark

The shark was back for a third time on the garden fence this morning. Highlights included Dingy Shears, Phoenix, Gold Triangle and Sallow Kitten, and FFY Rosy Footman, Grey Pine Carpet and True Lovers Knot. There were two Crescent Darts and an Elachista sp. still to identify.

At Cors Caron this afternoon there was no sunshine so it was all micros tapped from trees: several Argyresthia sp. including bonnetella, retinella, conjugella and brockeella, as well as Bucculatrix maryella, Paraswammerdamia nebulella, Rhopobota naevana and Pseudargyrotoza conwagana.  A Red Sword Grass caterpillar on Heather was nice.

Monday 8 July 2024

Epinotia abbreviana

 A highlight of the garden trap last night was what I think is Epinotia abbreviana:

Also Shark and first-for-year Lozotaeniodes Formosana, Clay, Small Blood Vein, Scalloped Oak and Bright-line Brown Eye, but Heart and Darts continue to dominate (which is not to say that my catches have been large).

Sunday 7 July 2024

Pretty Chalk Carpet

 A new unexpected moth for us in the wrong habitat but could possibly be related to the Traveller's Joy in our neighbour's hedge.

Carolyn & Evan

Wednesday 3 July 2024

Bwlch Corog, Glaspwll. 28th & 29th June 2024.

 Another two night survey was conducted by myself at Bwlch Corog last weekend, surveying two different aspects of the site.

Friday night was on the higher part of the site, around 300m. This area is degraded peat bog with very small patches of regenerating heather/bilberry and encroaching bracken around the edges. It is severely overrun/smothered with Molinia grass which thrives in the acidic but drier conditions than a healthy bog would provide. Mixed in with this are scrapes and pits for re-establishing bog species communities. It is very difficult to walk across!

Skinner's synergetic trap swimming in Molinia grass. PMcG

One Skinner's 125w MV and three Skinner's 15w Green synergetic were set up for a full night survey. There was a cold breeze blowing and patchy light rain from 2am so conditions were not ideal.

Orthoteania undulana and Mottled Beauty, drawn in from fringe woody/forested areas. PMcG

Glyphipterix thrasanella, associated with rushes, indicating the wetter parts of the bog. PMcG

37 species were recorded, 7 being micro. Emphasising the current grassland state of the reserve was a very large number of Zelotherses paleana (Timothy Tortrix). Straw Dot and Chrysoteuchia culmella were also present.

Saturday night was wet throughout but milder so only three, waterproof green synergetic traps were deployed, located lower down the site where Purple Moor-grass gives way to even lower wood pasture and broadleaf woodland.

Pristine Large Emerald caught in Purple Moor-grass area. PMcG

60 species were  recorded, 7 being micro. Crowd pleasers being the Large Emerald, Lilac Beauty, Green Silver-lines and Gold Swift. The latter three from the wood/pasture area.

Lilac Beauty. PMcG

Green Silver-lines. PMcG

Gold Swift. PMcG

An unusual, dark form of Peppered Moth f. carbonaria was also recorded.

Peppered Moth f. carbonaria. PMcG

An attempt was made on both days during the mornings to attract Welsh Clearwing, using lures at promising Birch trees. They have been recorded at the site but only by exit hole and casing evidence. Unfortunately the weather was not good enough and none were recorded. 

Despite the tricky weather, 25 new species were added to the site record.

Hopefully, another autumn survey will be possible.

Phil McGregor.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Broad-barred White

 Pleasant surprise in the box this morning. The trap was a 15w synergetic in my neighbour's garden, 1.7km from the coast, more sheltered than mine and with open views across a meadow to the sea.

Overall another poor catch in terms of numbers.

Saturday 25 May 2024

Bwlch Corog, Glas Pwll. Friday 18th May.

 Hi all,

I am new to posting on this blog. I reside in Montgomeryshire and normally post on the Montgomeryshire Moth Group blog.

However, I have recently been recording moths on behalf of Coetir Anian/Cambrian Wildwood, a landscape re-wilding project, in the far NNE of Ceredigion. It is a degraded upland moorland/peat bog fringed with Sessile/Pendunculate woodland and conifer forest.

For interest I thought it worth putting some photos from the latest survey on here, that being Friday 18th May.

Personal highlights were:

Orange Footman. PMcGregor

Eulia ministrana. PMcGregor

Epinotia tedella. PMcGregor

Epinotia immundana. PMcGregor

Emperor Moth. PMcGregor

Carpatolechia proximella (a personal first). PMcGregor

Capua vulgana. PMcGregor

50 Macro and 7 Micro species in total.

Phil McGregor.

Monday 6 May 2024

Rheidol Woodland

Lunar Thorn, Orange Footman and an early Satin Lutestring were the highlights of a trapping session in woodland in the Rheidol Valley last night. Also four different Prominents (Great, Pebble, Coxcomb, Lesser Swallow), several Square-spots and Brindled Beauty, and a Small Angle Shades. 26 species in total.