Macro Moths of Ceredigion. Documents the state of all macro moth species recorded in Ceredigion up to end of 2020.  To download the Pdf document Click Here

2020  review of the year is now available HERE

Micro Moth full species list to end of February 2020 is available Here

Records by decade to end of 2019 The column headed 1700 refers to species that have been reported from vc46 but for which there are no complete details. Here

Any species not on the list will be new for the county and will need to be submitted with additional substantive evidence.  Please contact the County Moth Recorder as soon as possible.
Any submission of a new vc46  record should be supported by a voucher specimen that has been determined independently by an acknowledged expert or experts. Images are not generally accepted as evidence for new county records; however, if an image is the only option and the specimen has been seen and corroborated by an acknowledged expert or experts, this may be considered by the regional verification panel.

Macro Moth species list to end 2020 - Click here

Micro Moth recording sheet 2020 - HERE  Click on Open then Download

NEW.  Micro moths in NMRS from 1st April 2016, for guidelines and information Click here

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