Saturday 27 May 2017

Aberystwyth in the rain

I did put my trap out last night ... and got up at 4.30 to move it out of the torrential rain .. but still worth it. Eyed and Poplar hawkmoths present, and first for year Sallow Kitten, Willow Beauty, Large Yellow Underwing, Spectacle, Grey Dagger agg., Small Angle Shades, Small Seraphim, White Ermine and Pebble Hook-tip. A Figure of Eighty put in a second appearance.

Among the micros attracted early on: Chrystoteuchia culmella, Epinotia tedella, and Spuleria flavicaput (what a name!), and then in the morning FFY Diamond-back, Syndemis nusculana, Metzneria metzneriella, Rhyacionia pinivorana and Epinotia rubiginosana.

Other finds around Aberystwyth this week among the micros were Elachista subalbidella, Plum Tortrix, Nemapogon wolffiella (or whatever it's called now), Agonopterix purpurea and Incurvaria oehlmanniella.
Figure of Eighty

Sallow Kitten
Small seraphim

Rhyacoionia pinivorana

Epinotia rubiginosana
Nemapogon wolffiella
Spuleria flavicaput

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  1. S.flavicaput has not been seen since 1962 and 2 or possibly 3 have turned up in the same week.


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