Tuesday 31 August 2021

 The white socks are such a defining feature of this August Thorn I am mystified as to why they are not mentioned in the 2nd ed of Waring and Townsend.  Sunrise at Coed Maidie B, a woodland that produces good numbers of the large showy Emeralds and 7 sp of Thorns. 

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Cross Inn

 2 more new ones for me last night were this Oblique Carpet and Feathered Gothic.

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Black Arches

 New to me at Cross Inn is this Black Arches.

Llawrcwrt - Oak Hook-tip

 This was the pick of the bunch in the trap this morning. I don't recall seeing one before and I think it may be a first for the site.

Friday 20 August 2021

From Llawrcwrt ref. previous post

I caught this last night and have recorded it as a Golden-Rod Pug after checking with Tony.

It looks pretty much like the the two Peter's moths to me. My confidence is boosted by the fact that we have Golden-rod close to where the trap was set.

I would have entered this as a comment, but couldn't find a way of dropping a picture into the comment box.

White-spotted Pug?

 I had recorded this as a White-spotted Pug, new for me, but the previous post by Pete Skinner has me wondering: any thoughts?

?White-spotted Pug

 It does appear to have the white spots on the sides of the abdomen; on the other hand, you could place it directly next to Pete's Golden-rod Pug and be pushed to tell the difference!

Edit 21 August: I thought a crop from the original image might show the (tiny) abdominal white spots more clearly:

Llanarth garden

 Some recent visitors. I was excited when I first saw the Pale Prominent as I did not recognise it with its wings spread.

Pale Prominent

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Golden-rod Pug

Oblique Carpet

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Penglais moths

 A selection of moths from the last few days, found in the area between the Llanbadarn road and Aber uni:

Yellow-barred Brindle - from a second generation

Treble Bar - only the second time I've seen one in this area

Bucculatrix nigricomella- the first time I've seen a second generation moth. Usually I see them on Oxeye daisies in May/June. This was one of two that came to light.
Ypsolopha horridella - on the same wall every year since 2018, within the same two weeks. This one flew over to sit on my arm.

Clavigesta purdeyi, or Pine Leaf-mining Moth. One of two that came to light.

At home, an Old Lady came to visit us in the garden last week. I popped her in the fridge until she calmed down:

Sunday 15 August 2021

Grey Dagger - Nebo/ Cross Inn


Nice to see Grey Dagger in the garden - I usually see them now that I've put some fruit trees in.

Sorry about the poor photo - it's only 6-7mm (has some growing to do)