Tuesday 16 May 2017

An Interesting Blog!

Have a look at this if you have the time....the video reminded me of your Poplar Hawk, Chris!

Roby Milling blog


  1. Thank you for providing that very interesting link, Ina. The Poplar Hawk antics were very striking but probably not unique to that species - I saw very similar behaviour recently from a Brindled Beauty which I had tried to remove from a wall where it was resting. It dropped to the ground and started flapping around. Perhaps other species adopt the same response to being disturbed - I shall be on the look-out for more examples.

  2. My recent Poplars weren't quite so lively....just not keen to be photographed! The info about camouflage is interesting though....

  3. I think the blog is a very good exposition of the basis of biological evolution. He asks the question 'is every marking of direct survival benefit?' It's probable that some markings aren't in themselves but may be the bi-products of genes which have a major function elsewhere in the body - an aspect of metabolism for eg.


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