Sunday 14 April 2024

Rush Veneer

Not something I expect to see in April: Rush Veneer on Borth Bog in the middle of the day.

Saturday 13 April 2024

Aberystwyth Garden

The first notable moths of the year for the garden trap this morning: Chamomile Shark and Mullein. Also Oak-tree Pug and Brindled Beauty. Only two Hebrew Characters and one Common Quaker.


Chamomile Shark

Saturday 17 February 2024

Hemlock Moth

Inspired by the mild weather, I put the trap out last night in a wooded area, which I was sure would be an improvement on the three moths in my garden trap (Hebrew Character, Common Quakerx2) the previous night. It wasn't. 

Only one, rather small, moth. I potted it anyway, had breakfast, went to the supermarket, and then took a photograph. It turns out to be a new species for me, Agonopterix alstroemeriana, which the book says is Common. There's certainly plenty of the food plant around, but the county list suggests that's it's only the fourth Ceredigion record. Happy New Year!