Wednesday 30 March 2022

Llawrcwrt March 28th

 Quite a few moths in the trap this morning (16), despite a coolish night. Among them the first Brindled Beauty and Red Sword Grass of the year.

Monday 28 March 2022

Cors Fochno, Sunday

I looked for Orange Underwing from the boardwalk at Cors Fochno yesterday. Without success. Perhaps the breeze was just a bit too chilly. This hardier (and hairier) Adela cuprella was the only moth I saw. 

Sunday 27 March 2022

Herald - Cross Inn/ Nebo

New moth for me (according to Tony)

More moths generally. I've just had the house exterior cleaned. Now that it's "Persil White" I'm amazed at how many moths settle on the house wall...


Frosted Green

 A delayed entry from yesterday-at last some moths!  We had 16 macro species from woodland and garden in spite of a minimum temperature of 1.9°C.  These included our first Frosted Green for this year and a newly emerged Herald.

Carolyn & Evan

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Spring moths at Ynys-hir

 What a difference a light makes! We ran an MV Robinson trap last night and recorded 223 moths of 23 different species. The vast majority were Common Quaker (71) and Small Quaker (65). Other common Spring moths were: Clouded Drab (17), Hebrew Character (13), Chestnut (10), Oak Beauty (10), Twin-spotted Quaker (6), Early Grey (6), Brindled Pug (4), Dotted Border (1), Herald (1), March Moth (3), Early Thorn (2), Engrailed (2), Yellow Horned (1).

Firsts for us this year were: Double-striped Pug, Red Chestnut, Pale Pinion (2), Water Carpet.

The micros were: Diurnea fagella (4), Dyseriocrania subpurpurella, Caloptilia stigmatella, Agonopterix heracliana/ciliella.

Tony & Ina

Water Carpet

Red Chestnut

Pale Pinion

Double-striped Pug

Caloptilia stigmatella

Dyseriocrania subpurpurella

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Spring has come to the garden

 Species numbers are looking up in Talybont.  Despite Tony putting some different egg boxes in the trap last night and consequently having almost as many spiders in there as moths, they all seemed to get on ok with very little collateral damage.

The D.daucella must have been hiding out in the shed for the winter I would assume and was very anxious to get away. In search of a mate while there is still time?

First Pug and Twin-spotted Quaker spotted in the garden this year.

Brindled Pug


Clouded Drab

Common Quaker

Early Grey

Hebrew Character

Twin-spotted Quaker

Depressaria daucella

Small Quaker

Friday 18 March 2022

Talybont moths

 Another 3 moths in the garden last night: Small and Common Quaker, Yellow Horned, a first for this year. Looking back at previous years records, this garden has never been very productive in March.

Tony & Ina

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Aberystwyth garden

A mild-ish night with drizzle finally tempted me out of hibernation yesterday, but only as far as the back garden. 23 moths of 12 species was a welcome return. Highlights were Early Thorn, Pine Beauty and Acleris literana.


Good to read Tony and Ina's report on 2021: to re-live the highlights and to think about what to search for in 2022!

Tuesday 15 March 2022

vc46 Moth Report 2021

Aroga velocella - New to Wales

2021 Moth Report for vc46

The above link should take you to last year's moths in Ceredigion.

Tony and Ina

Monday 14 March 2022

Thirteen species on the night of the 13th

 We were promised a minimum of 5 degrees last night but the reading in the car was only 2 so 58 individuals of 13 species at Ynys-hir was a reasonable result. 

As we are both still a little incapacitated (not as mobile) at the moment I decided not to risk another 'round' with the brambles so did not go too far into the woods where we may have found one or two more species, I was hoping for a Pine Beauty!

Ina and Tony

Agonopterix heracliana - 6mm


Clouded Drab

Common Quaker - dark markings

Diurnea fagella

Dotted Border

Early Grey

Engrailed - most abundant on the night

Engrailed - darker individual


March Moth - looking particularly dapper

Oak Beauty - antenna view

Pale Brindled Beauty

Small Quaker #1

Small Quaker #2

Saturday 12 March 2022

Talybont Moths - different but still only three

 Three more moths from the garden this morning, three individuals different from yesterday's and two were sitting on the shed.  Some ant activity coming out from under the shed so we can only assume that some warmer weather is on the way.

Ina and Tony

Clouded Drab

Common Quaker

A very worn and sorry looking Oak Beauty

Friday 11 March 2022

Garden Moths - Talybont

 Well despite injuries and general lameness, we thought it was worth a try in the garden last night.

A sum total of three moths... took forever to count that lot...😁  Early Grey, Common Quaker and Hebrew Character.

Ina and Tony

Sunday 6 March 2022

Oak Beauty

 Our first Oak Beauty for this year despite a minimum temperature of -1.8°C .... and one Dotted Border.

Carolyn & Evan


 My first Engrailed of 2022 was on the window frame as I put the trap out last night. The only other moth I caught on a frosty night in Cross Inn was a Dotted Border.