Monday 31 January 2022

Moths for Dissection

   I'm about to resume identification of everyones moths which they've sent to me. The first packet I've openend doesn't have anyone's name attached to it and I can't find an associated spreadsheet. Just 8 moths numbered 19-23. Listed Lesser Common Rustic? 17/7/21. Grapholita janthinana? 19/7/21, Eucosma 25/7/21, Y rorrella? 27/7/21, Scrobipalpa atriplicella? 1/8/21, Coleophora trifolii? 14/8/21, Coleophora 22/8/21 and White Spotted/Golden Rod Pug? 24/8/21. They may not be Ceredigion, but if anyone recorgnises them, please let me know! Peter Hall

Sunday 30 January 2022

Early Moth

 A rather cold night dropping to -0.9°C produced our first Early Moth for this year in our local oak woodland together with Spring Usher (2), Mottled Umber(1) and a Winter Moth.

Carolyn & Evan

Friday 28 January 2022

Grey Shoulder-knot

Last night’s Grey Shoulder-knot (which is my first and only moth of 2022 so far at Cross Inn) seems to be a bit earlier than usual. 

Sunday 23 January 2022

Ynys-hir Moths

 Eight species in a small bit of woodland last night.  The temperature was above freezing at around five degrees, much warmer than it has been of late.  See photos below for species and some variations of Mottled Umber and Spring Usher.

Ina and Tony

Acleris ferrugana


Mottled Grey

Mottled Umber

Mottled Umber

Mottled Umber


Spring Usher

Spring Usher

Spring Usher

Torticodes alternella

Saturday 1 January 2022

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

 Last moths of 2021 from Ynys-hir last night.

Much windier than we expected so the moths we would have expected to sit around the trap were much reduced in number, plus we did not go into the woodland as the cattle in there now may well have mistaken the trap for a feed bucket! 😉.  This morning we realised the cattle were in a field adjacent so may not have has access to the woods, Ah well!

 Just 20 in total, 4 Mottled Umber, 15 Winter Moths and 1 Spring Usher.

Mottled Umber

Mottled Umber

Spring Usher

Mottled Umber

Winter Moth