Thursday 30 May 2013

A better night on Borth bog

At last a night when the temperature stayed in double figures. Our two Heath traps produced 14 macro moths and 3 micros. Most of the moths looked very fresh, suggesting that the warmer weather had brought them out. Species included Broom moth, Pebble prominent, Flame carpet, Hebrew character, Red chestnut, Flame shoulder, Brown silver-line, Brimstone moth, Grey birch, Puss moth, and Ruddy highflyer.

Grey birch
Puss moth

There have been 65 county records for Ruddy highflyer, of which 12 were recorded on Cors Fochno post 2000 between 22 April and 31 May. (all by Mike Bailey)
Ruddy highflyer
Unfortunately I released this moth on to a silver birch tree but there was lots of willow in the area. Here is the distribution map for Ruddy highflyer in the county.

Monday 27 May 2013

A blast from the past

We have just come back from North East Scotland and noticed that we had collected a large number of insects on the licence plate and windscreen up there.  Once we got below Aberdeen no more insect casualties were found!

Bactra lancealana

This little one has puzzled us for a day or so.
It has now been ID'd by a friend from Lancashire and as it was one of the two species we had in mind......we are happy!!  What a relief when you finally get there!

Bactra lancealana

Sunday 26 May 2013

Ruddy Highflyer

Brown Silver-line
Yet another cold night on Borth bog produced just these two moths:
Ruddy Highflyer

Thursday 23 May 2013

Meeting in June at Denmark Farm

“Marvellous Moths” event at Denmark Farm Conservation Centre (part of Wales Biodiversity week)
Thursday 13th June  at 20:30 hrs:  a short indoor talk followed by outdoor moth discovery session. Please bring a torch.
Then Friday 14th June at 10 a.m: moth trap opening to identify the moths we’ve found before we release them.
All welcome. Come along to one or both sessions – booking not required. Refreshments available at both sessions (donations welcome).
Location: Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, Bettws Bledrws, near Lampeter.  (


Monday 20 May 2013

Woodland moths

Nut-tree Tussock
Spring is starting to get going at last and a few more of our moth species are starting to emerge. We had a total of 12 species in the overnight traps, including these three:

Lunar Marbled Brown
Scalloped Hazel
After inspecting the traps we wandered through the wood enjoying the Bluebells and bird song, and found this micro moth flying amongst the vegetation
A small moth with a big name Nematopogon Swammerdamella

Saturday 18 May 2013

Moth Event - Llandygwydd

Saturday 18th May.
Seven members of the group met at Joyce's wonderful garden situated in a beautiful wooded valley in the village of Llandygwydd.

Moth safari
Joyce, Tony and myself set up four traps in different locations around the garden on Friday night.
The weather looked to be on our side, but as has been the case during this late spring the numbers were a little down on previous years.
We had 28 moths of  9 species as follows.

Oak-tree Pug 1,  Hebrew Character 14,  Small Phoenix 2,  Clouded Drab 4,  Common Quaker 3,  Muslin Moth 1,  Engrailed 1 (very worn),  Brimstone Moth 1,  Pale Brindled Beauty 1 (very,very worn).

Muslin moth
Oak-tree Pug

Friday 17 May 2013

First Hawkmoth of the year

The garden trap last night produced our first Poplar Hawkmoth of this year. Also in the trap was a Great Prominent and four Hebrew Characters.

Thursday 16 May 2013


Another cool wet night on Borth bog produced these 4 Highflyers amongst others. We have formed our opinion as to their identity but we would like to know what you think.




Tuesday 14 May 2013

Great prominent

This is a reminder that our next event will be at Joyce's this Saturday, as described in "Events". The weather may well be against us but you never know what might turn up.

After a week on a Greek island, it was a severe shock to get home again. Nevertheless I put the trap out in the garden last night and had one moth, a Great prominent.

Micro moth identification

This unidentified micro which I posted on 17th April has been confirmed by Peter Hall as Eriocrania semipurpurella. The Eriocraniidae family of micros are very difficult to seperate as adults, as stated in Sterling and Parsons Field Guide. Identification required genitalia examination by Peter and he has supplied a photo of the results, if anyone is interested to see the details.

Peter is happy to help us with identification of micro moths. Send a photograph, date, size, location, and habitat to the e-mail address given in "contact us". Also retain the specimen for a day in case further examination is required.

Sunday 5 May 2013

Distribution Map for Chinese Character

Here is the VC46 distribution map for the Chinese Character - click on map to enlarge.


A Warmer Night

A warmer night from our usual three traps in and around our property yielded 54 moths of 22 species.  The twenty macros included our first ever Chinese Character, Square Spot, slightly early Devon Carpet and Marbled Brown, Great Prominent and Frosted Green.   The two micros we believe to be Emmelina monodactyla and Agonopterix arenella.

Carolyn & Evan

Chinese Character
Square Spot
Devon Carpet - FW 12mm
Marbled Brown
Great Prominent
Frosted Green
Emmelina mondactyla
Agonopterix arenella - FL 11mm