Monday 29 May 2017

Alder Kitten

A good night in New Quay with a number of firsts for the year. 62 species including the micros.

Clay Triple-lines

Waved Carpet

Lunar Thorn

Blomer's Rivulet

Common Swift

Shuttle-shaped Dart


Possibly an Alder Kitten - it would be the first recorded in Ceredigion since 1956.

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  1. That is Alder Kitten and was last recorded in the first week of June 1956. This record was not included in 'Fowles' but was published in the Entomologist's Record Volume 100 page 276, as an addition. These journals are available on-line at:

    That is only the 27th record for Waved Carpet, which was not seen between 1997 and 2010, with 7 records since 2010.

    Of the 32 county records for Blomer's Rivulet the last 25 have been in the years since 2004.

    There are 100 county records for Clay Triple-lines since it was first reported at Llechryd in 1990.


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