Thursday 24 August 2023

Your starter for 10


17/18mm Corded antennae, no collar marks, very pale uniform hindwing, faint marks reveal black outline to kidney and oval. So ??

Tuesday 8 August 2023


 The green tube has UV in the best range and I have always been pleased with its performance in my bucket trap, so much so I bought a bunch of them.

Stored away I forgot them and have just bought a new one from Paul costing £12 plus postage.

My originals were £8 and if anyone would like one I have 2 for sale!

I migrate between Cardigan and Tregaron/Aberystwyth so could deliver.

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Lazy mothing!

 I put my LED trap out last night, for a small yield, of which the most interesting was a pristine Bordered Beauty (and a couple of hornets).

Bordered Beauty

However, I had recently noticed evidence of moths being eaten in a small barn, presumably by bats. So I check the detritus there from time to time.

Scarce Silver-lines

Usually the remains are of Large Yellow Underwings, Dark Arches and Silver-Y, but last night's was a bit special, with parts of two Scarce Silver-lines. I guess they still count as new to the garden list, even deceased! Hopefully I may see a live one some day.