Wednesday 17 May 2017

Cross Inn

After replacing the bulb in my trap I seem to be having rather more success.
Last night's catch was
White Ermine x 5,
Common Quaker
Lesser Swallow Prominent (a lifer for me)
Hebrew Character
May Bug

Can I take the opportunity to thank Chris, Tony and Ina for such an enjoyable and informative Sunday morning. It was lovely to meet people I hadn't seen for 2 years and to put a face to Peter.
Phil Dennis

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  1. Well success at last!
    Tony didn't mention our May bugs...we can see your one and raise you 10, I just can't take to them. One of ours fed a sparrow this morning, amazing watching it being dismantled and the tasty bits taken off to feed the babies! Unfortunately it had a Flame Shoulder and a Pug too.
    I am glad you enjoyed Sunday and we will have to plan a few more get-togethers soon.


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