Saturday 27 May 2017

Lead Belle

A warm bumper moth night in a nearby mixed woodland produced 38 macro species.  The stars of the night were this Lead Belle and a Red-necked Footman. Other attractive moths included the Bordered White, Alder Moth and Broken-barred Carpet.

Carolyn & Evan

Lead Belle

Red-necked Footman
Bordered White

Alder Moth

Broken-barred Carpet

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  1. Lead Belle and July Belle are difficult to separate on physical characteristics alone. Lead Belle flies earlier in the year than July Belle. There are 195 county records for July Belle, of which 4 were in May and 1 on the 2nd June, all others after 10th June. There are 300 county records for Lead Belle, 2 in April, 36 in May, and 49 before 10th June.


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