Monday 28 October 2019

Cross Inn, Llanon

This Red Sword-grass was a ‘lifer’ for me this morning. It was also the only moth in the trap after a frosty night.

Thursday 24 October 2019

Second Generation Dark Arches

Another second generation Dark Arches last night, this time at Taliesin.
Thank you Andrea.

Wallog in October

Took three traps to Wallog last night but unfortunately one failed to light up for some reason.
Total number of moths from 2 actinic traps was 39 of 12 species.
Black rustic 5, Feathered Ranunculus 13, Yellow-line Quaker 6, Lunar Underwing 4, Green-brindled Crescent 1, Common Marbled Carpet 1, Spruce Carpet 3, Red-green Carpet 1, Red-line Quaker 1, Sqare-spot Rustic 2.
Micros Acleis laterana/comariana and Eudonia angustea.
Ina and Tony

Very worn Common Marbled Carpet

Feathered Ranunculus - (with his feathers on display)

Lunar Underwing - not co-operating at showing the crescent moon

Lunar Underwing - light

Lunar Underwing - dark

Lunar Underwing - dark with small ovals

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Cross Inn, Llanon

Last night’s moths were.
Mottled Umber, The Chestnut, Lunar Underwing (a new one for me), Yellow-Line Quaker, Green -Brindled Crescent, and November Moths (not pictured).

Thursday 17 October 2019

Convolvulus Hawk-moth - Talybont

At last, we have one for the garden and only the second to make it to, and be found in, Talybont.  Still a few Nicotiana flowers in bloom in the garden, maybe everyone else in the area has a tidier garden than us?  Only four other moths; a Silver Y, a Chestnut and a Green-brindled Crescent.
Ina and Tony

Sunday 13 October 2019

Blair's Shoulder-knot

Our first Blair's Shoulder-knot for this year was caught from a garden in Aberystwyth this weekend.

Carolyn & Evan

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Some more migrant moths

So far this year we have been seeing more migrants than normal for Ceredigion. Most recent report is of a Pearly Underwing, caught by Pete Skinner at Llanarth. This is the 70th county record for this species, of which 9 were in 2006 a warm summer much like this year.

An earlier post reported a Scarce Bordered Straw at Cross Inn, a second was caught by Sue & Terry at Bryngwynn. There are only 22 records for this species before this year.

Even more amazing is another record of Clifden Nonpareil caught at Sarnau. This follows closely the first ever county record a few weeks ago. What do the say about London buses!
Tony & Ina

Monday 7 October 2019

Cross Inn, Llanon

2 more ‘lifers’ for me last night - a Satellite and a Beaded Chestnut.
Tony tells me that the Satellite is only the second record in my square with the previous one dating back to between 1923 and 1942.
Other moths were 2 Black Rustics, and one each of Square Spot Rustic and Spruce Carpet.

Saturday 5 October 2019

Cross Inn, Llanon

I only put the trap out between 7pm and 9:30 pm last night because it looked like rain but I was fortunate to get 3 species which are new to me. Yellow-line Quaker, Black Rustic and a Scarce Bordered Straw. The photos include its underside. (kindly identified by Tony who tells me it is only the 23rd Ceredigion record). Perhaps one of these days I’ll treat myself to a decent camera instead of just my IPad.

First Merv of the year for us.

Well 3 of them actually, but who's counting.
23 other species at Ynys-hir last night including a Gold Triangle that we never seem to catch many of... mustn't be doing it right!
Ina and Tony
Gold Triangle

Merveille du Jour

Light Emerald - very worn

Red-green Carpet - underside

Lunar underwings

Quite variable!  There were at least 30 in the trap last night and I learned to quickly flip the wing and check the comma mark; once done they wouldn't oblige again!
Confusion species of Beaded Chestnut also present but only a single..dark u'wing.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Lunar Underwing

I couldn't spot this on in the book, but Tony tells me that I have recorded it before at Llawrcwrt in 2015 and 2016.

Cross Inn/ Nebo - larva ID

Is this a Buff Ermine??

Or any alternative suggestions?

Wednesday 2 October 2019


Common, but new to me last night was this Brick. Initially I thought it was a Yellow-Line Quaker but Tony confirmed it was a Brick. As it doesn’t seem to appear very often in photos on this blog, I thought I’d add it for reference.
So here is one of Tony’s Top Tips.

On YLQ the outermost crossline is fairly straight with just one kink near the leading edge. There is some overlap in size: 14-19 for the Brick and 14-16 for YLQ.