Thursday 30 June 2016

Last night at Ynys-hir

One MV light at the RSPB reserve last night produced nearly 200 moths with 49 macro species and 15 micros. New for us this year were Barred Straw, Common Emerald, Clay, Triple-spotted Clay, and Blastodacna Hellerella.

Barred straw


Blastodacna hellerella
Blastodacna hellerella
Tony & Ina

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Ghosts and Gold spots

I caught these on the 20th June, 26 species in the 15w synergetic trap and 12 in the 60w actinic.  The 15w was in the paddock amongst oaks so much better habitat than my doorstep!
I had 3 female Ghosts so promised to go out late to see the lekking males but our lovely summer weather has stalled that idea.
Also in the trap was a Small Clouded Brindle which I can't remember catching before; I managed to get pics of the comma on the under hindwing.  

Monday 27 June 2016

Waved carpet

Pete Skinner caught this Waved carpet on Saturday night. There are 25 county records for this nationally scarce moth. It was not recorded between 1997 and 2010 with 1 or 2 records per year since 2010.


Sunday 26 June 2016

Search for Thrift Clearwing

Although the weather and time of day were against us we joined the Aberystwyth botany group to search the beach at Tan y Bwlch for Thrift Clearwing as this was a pre-arranged event.
We did not find the target species (no surprise really), but did find three micro moths that braved the elements.
Celypha lacunana, Homoeosoma sinuella and Lobesia littoralis - which came to the pheromone!

Ina and Tony

Saturday 25 June 2016

Saturday 2nd July at Rhos Llawrcwrt NNR.

A reminder of our next event - Daytime Moths at Rhos Llawrcwrt NNR.  (Off the B4459  Talgarreg. SN 41583 50093)

Come along and have a look round, guided by David Woolley who has lived in this wonderful place for a good few years.
We will be opening traps from the night before around 10am, followed by a search for day-fliers around the reserve after lunch, weather permitting. 
Please bring suitable clothing including 'wellies' and a packed lunch/refreshments.   
Target species: Forester, Burnet Companion, Burnet Moths and anything else we may find.

Small Dotted Buff distribution map

This is the distribution map requested by David. There are no records for his Llawr Cwrt squares, SN44 & SN45, and only 9 records from 2 sites in neighbouring SN34. These records date back to 1973, 1975 and 1977.

Friday 24 June 2016

Small Dotted Buff

This is not a moth I've seen before here. Still the book says inhabits poorly drained grassland, so it's in the right place. I see it is not that common in the county, a distribution map would be interesting.

Thursday 23 June 2016

More day-flying moths

On a warm sunny day we headed to the hills where we recorded Small Argent & Sable last year, to see how they were doing. Happily they seem to be thriving as we saw at least 12. Even better was the discovery of 2 July Belle a Clouded Buff and a Large Yellow Underwing. Apologies for some poor photographs which had to be taken through plastic pots. After releasing the Small Argent & Sable it very obligingly sat on the pot so I could get a better shot.

Small Argent & Sable

July Belle

Clouded Buff

Clouded Buff
Tony & Ina

One for Carolyn

On 30thMay Carolyn and Evan put pictures and a link to a video of a Coleophora case/larva we found on Birch in their meadow.
Carolyn gave me her 'baby' to look after...well her she is, all grown up!
Coleophora serratella

empty case.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Dune moths

This afternoon I enjoyed a couple of hours on the dunes at Ynyslas seeing many butterflies as well as these day-flying moths.

Six-spot Burnet

Speckled Yellow

Mother Shipton

Yellow Shell


Forester - North of Llanrhystud

Following a tip-off from Arthur C. we set off north along the coast path from Llanrhystud yesterday. Before we reached the map ref we were looking for and having found a nice area of sorrel we thought we would try out the pheromone lure. Nothing was attracted to it! Tony then said something turquoise looking was heading away from him, we looked but did not find this one. I then saw a Forester more or less by my feet. Four were seen in all, not many but only a small area that looked suitable.
There was a large area of Thrift but nothing showed an interest in my pheromone for that species.
This looks like a good area to search again later in the year.
Species seen; Nettle-tap - everywhere. Magpie moth, larva.  Celypha lacunana,  Hedya pruniana,  Cinnabar moth, 5-spot Burnet,  Agapeta hamana, Diamond-back, surprise surprise.  Aphelia paleana, Bactra lancealana, Cydia ulicetana, very worn. Fox Moth, early instar larva.
And, a little beastie that had me foxed but thanks to GMT I now know is a female Leptopterna ferrugata

Aphelia paleana

Bactra lancealana

Magpie - larva

Anthophila fabricana

Celypha lacunana


Forester - the first

5-spot Burnet

Fox moth

Forester - the fourth

Leptopterna ferrugata (f)

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Anania funebris

This little day-flying moth is on the wing now.
It has only been seen around the Mwnt, Aberporth area in recent years but if anyone out there spots it anywhere at all then please get in touch.
This is a distribution map of where the species has been recorded.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Ynys-hir towards the Railwayline.

A good night with three traps in less trapped places.  Lots of micros, hence the delay in blogging!
The highlight was two Blackneck, our targeted species.
Cosmopterix orichalcea - 4mm

Double Dart - 6 of these.

Fan Foot

Mullein Wave

Dog's Tooth

Single Dotted Wave

Double Line

White Plume - in hiding!

Thursday 16 June 2016

Dark Spectacle

I moved the garden trap from the front of the house to the side of the house last night. The reward was fewer moths of fewer species, but one species new to the site and to me.

Garden Moths

Not as good a night as I was expecting with only twenty two species and Grey Arches and Silver Y were the only FFY in the garden.
Only sixteen Heart and Dart but Large Yellow Underwings are starting up...oh joy!

Epiphyas postvittana - just so she doesn't feel left out

Grey Arches

Silver Y

Anania hortulata - Small Magpie

Cydia pomonella - Codling Moth - top view
Coleophora sp. about 4mm