Thursday 31 July 2014

Around 600 moths at Ynys-hir

Making the most of the warm nights we left two MV traps at Ynys-hir last night.
The ones that did not get away totaled 74 species of Macro and 24 species of micro moths.
Flame shoulder (33) came second in numbers to Eudonia mercurella (100+).
We had three Thorn species - Dusky, August & Canary Shouldered, but as I do not intend to give you the full list, I will add some photos below.
Slender Brindle


Carcina quercana

Cloaked Carpet

Crescent Dart - Would not co-operate & show you it's white hindwing.
and two which apart from size look similar, superficially, but not when you take a closer look.
Phyctita roborella

Acrobasis advenella
Ina and Tony.


  1. Was that blood from the Bloodvein?
    I've caught a load of slender brindles this year but can't remember seeing them before only as singles. Is it a year for them?

  2. Must be a good year for S.B. Liz. Lots of people reporting them (or wondering what they are) from round the country.
    Have you noticed the return of the 'bubble bath' Mr Hall?

  3. I have been trying to refrain from comment ma'am. Let me add something that may be of use to people. How to tell Trachycera (Acrobasis these days I suppose) advenella from suavella. Notice the red head in your image and slightly red thorax too. Suavella doesn't have this. If you get marmorea, the red carries on. Looking for red on the head is a quick and easy way to separate.

  4. Fantastic turnout. If only I knew that people did moth traps when I was in Wales, or that there was a recorder. I never had the money for a trap but I have plenty of Nb etc. records that could probably be useful...


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