Monday 7 July 2014

National Moth Night at Ynys-hir

Two nights of trapping close to the woodland edge produced just over 100 moth species, 79 of them macro moths. Thursday night, which was the warmer and cloudier of the two, we ran two 15W actinic Heath traps which gave us 58 macros and 12 micros. Saturday night was cool and clear and we ran two 125W MV traps (1 Skinner and 1 Robinson) and got 64 macros and 9 micros. Apart from Eudonia lacustrata there was nothing in great numbers. Surprisingly few Hawkmoths, Large yellow underwing or Heart and Dart. Firsts for us this year were Rosy footman, Muslin footman, Gold spot, Gold spangle, Gold swift, and Pinion-streaked snout.
Gold swift (F)

Gold swift (M)
Tony & Ina

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