Thursday 17 July 2014

Swallow-tails in Penparcau

It's been some time since I trapped in my garden, having mostly been trapping out and about on the Micro Reserves of Coed Phoenix, which has been producing some very interesting finds.  One memorable occasion was on John and Yvonne Crocker's  Organic Farm, where we got over 100 individuals of over 30 species.  My own garden is a much less impressive affair, but here are the results anyway:

Swallow-tailed moth 3
Dot moth 2
Buff ermine 2
Early thorn
Dark arches 8
L.Y. underwing 3
Double square-spot
Heart and dart
Riband wave 3
Small phoenix
Uncertain 3
Common rustic 2

Best wishes to you all, Chloe

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