Tuesday 1 July 2014

Clarach coast path

An hour on the cliff top at Clarach this morning with a pleasant breeze blowing the butterflies along.
Moths spotted were Cinnabar larvae feeding on Thrift seedheads as well as Ragwort, Six-spot Burnets, C.culmella, Silver Y, Celyph lacunana and the four below.
Photos aren't the best, sorry!
Delplanqueia dilutella

Coleophora lixella

Homoeosoma sinuella

Lobesia littoralis
Butterflies were, Small Tort, Meadow Brns (lots), Sml Skippers (quite a few), Small Heath (2), Lg White (1), Dk Grn Fritts (around a dozen)  and one Greyling!


  1. Superb photo of C lixella! We've only got 8 records of it from vc44

    1. Thanks Sam, I took it using the 'yoghurt pot technique'. I may explain that at a later date....I do get asked if the moths are in a bubble bath or how I get them to levitate though! ;-)


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