Tuesday 8 July 2014

Allt-Y-Crib - Welsh Waves

Forty macro species and six micros in the Actinic Heath trap last night.
This is an area we go every year in search of Welsh Waves...and last night we found 3.
Most numerous were Barred Red and some tatty looking Mottled Beauties closely followed by Buff Footman and Dark Arches.
The interesting ones apart from Welsh Wave were Clay Triple-lines not recorded in Fowles list but becoming more common, also Brussels Lace, Willow Beauty and Single-dotted Wave.
Micros were Udea prunalis, Bee Moth, Zeiraphera isertana, a couple or three Scoparia moths still being studied and a Coleophora sp. (On it's way to PRH soon).
Ina & Tony
Welsh Wave

Single-dotted Wave

Clay Triple-lines

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