Monday 24 June 2013

nocturnal wonders....glow-worms

I am hoping to get a count of the glow-worms along the Cors Caron railway line this year. There are at least 2 areas with some numbers of them present in previous years so I will check tonight if they are on schedule or late like most things this year.   If present tonight they will need to be counted over the next 2/3 weeks I think.
If you would like to help out please let me know on 01974 299166
If you have any local to you I would also like to know so they can be put on the national database.

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  1. 35 glow-worms between the willow arch and the southern end of the track (which does not have public access)so a pleasing result. I started at 10.45pm in 6c temp with mist forming over the bog.


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