Tuesday, 18 June 2013

moths on Cors Caron last night

Grey scalloped bar turned up as last year which is reassuring!  Out on the bog it was cool and breezy so not a lot but 3 of the above plus 14 True Lover's Knots.  I seem to remember that this moth has alternate years of plenty. The lovely little micro is I think Eulia ministrana?
Pic in the middle is the mystery.  Something of the pale mottled willow about it? Same size as the smaller one illustrated by Lewington.  A faded tlk? but all the others were fresh and its not the end of their season.   It was a bit browner than in my pic taken in low light.
My highlight was a Light Knot Grass, new to me.


  1. Your middle moth is another True Lover's Knot Liz and the micro is also a correct id.

  2. TLK must be one that has lived a lot and died young!!
    many thanks Peter. Got another micro in the fridge to photo later so look out!


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