Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gold spot and garden tiger

Two heath traps on Cors Fochno on Tuesday night caught only 16 species of macro moths. Most numerous were Broom moths, prettiest was a very fresh-looking Gold spot. Others were Eyed hawkmoth, Poplar grey, Dark/Grey dagger, Flame shoulder, Middle-barred minor, Fox moth, Dark arches, True lovers knot, Small square-spot, Pebble prominent, Four-dotted footman, Dusky brocade, Common pug, and Ruddy highflyer.
Gold spot
A walk around the boardwalk afterwards produced several Common heaths, a couple of Marbled white spots, a Garden tiger larva at the top of some Bog-myrtle which is not one of its normal food plants, and a Beautiful yellow underwing.

Marbled white spot (don't know what's in the web)

Garden tiger

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