Thursday 20 June 2013

Gold spot and garden tiger

Two heath traps on Cors Fochno on Tuesday night caught only 16 species of macro moths. Most numerous were Broom moths, prettiest was a very fresh-looking Gold spot. Others were Eyed hawkmoth, Poplar grey, Dark/Grey dagger, Flame shoulder, Middle-barred minor, Fox moth, Dark arches, True lovers knot, Small square-spot, Pebble prominent, Four-dotted footman, Dusky brocade, Common pug, and Ruddy highflyer.
Gold spot
A walk around the boardwalk afterwards produced several Common heaths, a couple of Marbled white spots, a Garden tiger larva at the top of some Bog-myrtle which is not one of its normal food plants, and a Beautiful yellow underwing.

Marbled white spot (don't know what's in the web)

Garden tiger

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