Wednesday 3 June 2015

Death's Head Hawkmoth

The remains of a Death's head hawkmoth were found last Saturday, 30th May, by Cathryn Brown near Wallog just north of Aberystwyth. She reported her find to the Wildlife Trust who notified us and we were able to collect the specimen yesterday. Despite its bedraggled state and a missing wing, it is unmistakeable. The wing length is 55mm.
It was found underneath this hive and may have fallen out after some recent work. The hive and colony was inspected on September 23rd last year so we assume the moth entered some time after that. Most of these moths arrive over here in September and October. It either died or was killed by the bees and remained inside the hive until now.
These immigrant moths are recorded in small numbers in most years, usually in the south and east of England, so this is quite a rarity. In fact there are ten records for Ceredigion the most recent being in 1983.

Tony & Ina


  1. Does it still have its abdomen intact? The Dissection website lacks an example from this species if I can steal it?

  2. Sorry Peter there was very little left of the abdomen.


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