Tuesday 16 June 2015

Coed Y Bont Longhorn swarms

A picture which does not do justice to this spectacular micro.  This morning perched on a fern frond illuminated by a ray of sunshine it glowed!  The low bushes seemed to attract a crowd upwards of 30 individuals using those extremely long antennae held out at what seemed like 170°- 190° to balance as they bounced up and down and round.  I saw 2 such gatherings but there were probably more as I was mainly looking for birds.  They didn't settle and didn't seem to interact so what was it…a lek?


  1. You haven't named them Liz, but I am sure you know it's Nemophora degeerella.

  2. OOps yes I do surprisingly!
    Is swarming lekking?


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