Saturday 13 June 2015

Rainy night catch

The 60w actinic and a white sheet produced over 40 sp including these two which I believe are Beautiful Brocade and Bordered Straw.
I will check the blogs to see if BS has come in numbers or whether 6 small pots of marigolds which sat in the garden for a week before planting yesterday may have harboured a chrysalis.  This one is immaculate and doesn't look like a wind battered migrant.  What do you think?
I also had a Silver Hook which has come up from the bog.


  1. Well done you, a couple of cracking moths. Plenty of Bordered Straw around - even we have had one!

  2. CORRECTION: The brocade has hairy eyes which makes it a pale shouldered , back to the drawing board.

  3. Hi Liz, as far as I am aware all Lacanobia have hairy eyes. The main separator is the white-ish streak between the orbicular stigma going down towards the tornal patch in Beautiful Brocade and absent (or at best much less prominent) in Pale Shouldered. Yours seems to have this streak, so you may be hasty in your dismissal. I showed your image to Martin Townsend, who basically agreed with me, but in the end it will be up to Tony to decide. Martin suggested you look at: followed by

  4. Waring and Townsend does not mention the hairy eyes for Beautiful brocade but does for Light brocade, Pale-shouldered and Dog's tooth. I think that this is Pale-shouldered because it lacks the marbled appearance, the leading edge of the wing is curved and I think there are black bars joining the middle cross-lines with another line extending inwards from this. This is difficult to see on the photo.


  5. I'll send another image Peter which Tony also has. I can't see any difference in marbling and both seem to have the dark bar joining the x-lines on the websites recommended but I noticed the diagonal immediately I saw it in the box. It resembles moths of both species in the photographs, should have put it in the freezer!
    Both Bordered straw and the brocade went mad when in the fridge, is this characteristic of noctuids?


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