Thursday 11 June 2015

Silver Hook

A quick wander around Ynyslas this afternoon on what must be the warmest day of the year so far.
Lots of butterflies about, Wall Browns, Common Blues,Large Skippers, Small Heaths and Painted Ladies.
Moths, Scoparia pyralella, Eudonia angustea, Crambus lathoniellus, Chrysoteuchia culmella.  I am sure though that you will be more interested in the larger moths, Silver Y, Yellow Shell... and an honorary little 'un... a Silver Hook.

We also found a few other things that we cannot name, but if anyone knows please feel free to comment.

Ina and Tony


  1. The brown beetle with iridescent head top pic is a Garden Chafer Phyllopertha horticola. A few years ago I walked through a hatch up on the Cambrians at 400m, they were so thick I could only guestimate the number in a sq m. Over the moor there must have been millions!
    The green 'un is a green nettle weevil: Phyllobius pomaceus
    At least that's what I made them out to be when I

  2. Last one is Red Poplar Leaf Beetle, Chrysomela populi. The weevil is tricky - lots of Phyllobius and Polydrusus species look similar.

  3. I thought I might be jumping the gun!


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