Sunday 31 May 2015

Mother shipton

An eventful afternoon at Grogwynion nature reserve yesterday which started with me locking the car keys in the car. With no mobile signal in the area we were very fortunate to find someone at the nearby sawmill who allowed us to phone the RAC. The response was amazing with Llandovery Recovery arriving within the hour and quickly and efficiently sorting out the problem, which was that I closed the boot lid onto the key fob which activated the lock button.

We eventually started our search for day-flying moths and found this lovely Mother shipton, several grass moths, Crambus lationellus and a nice spider which we think may be Tibellus maritimus.

Tony & Ina


  1. Also dozens of Gorse moths - all Cydia ulicetana - not really a good photo, sorry, so they did not go in the original 'blog'. Ina

  2. To add to your site list for yesterday ... singles of Stigmella aurella agg. (the moth rather than the mine), Micropteryx calthella, Capua vulgana and three Coleophoras.

  3. Keep the Coleophoras, I'm visiting in 2 weeks time.

  4. Will you send the records in with the rest of yours please Simon. It will stop me getting too confused with who saw what!
    I think I may have had C.vulgana too up the other end of the path, it landed on the outside of the net...then vanished, so wasn't sure.

  5. The spider is one of two Tibellus species, both of which are widespread in the UK and would need genitalia examination to sort out which one.

    Martin Albertini
    Bucks moth recorder

  6. Thanks for that Martin. We are arachnid amateurs I'm afraid but as we seem to be catching more spiders in the net than moths at the moment we thought it worth a mention. Our book gave us the impression it was down to the number od spots, but we are learning. Thanks again for the information.


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