Friday 12 June 2015

Coed Y Bont

Yes it was a warm, humid night so my best catch so far:  in the 8w* bucket 30 species including Scorched Wings, Peach Blossoms,Clouded Silver,White Spotted Pinion, Pebble and Coxcomb Proms, Purple Bar and numerous Common Marbled carpets, Scalloped Hazels,Small Phoenix and Nut Tree Tussocks.  Oh and my favourite a Chinese Character!
With the 10w Goodden  in a similar bucket 12 sp.
Apparently similar habitats and there was not more than 70m between them but the 8w is a new lamp so I wonder if its true that the efficacy of UV diminishes with age and long before the lamp itself gives out?
I'm so fed up with tiny catches I'm changing all my lamps and investing in new batteries as some are 8 years old and took a hammering in the near zero temps in Sweden last month.

A snippet from UK moths blog: EU directives about lamps are going to impact on supplies of MV lamps so stock up if you use them.

Pic below is my only micro: Eulia ministrana.  Just to cheer up Ina!
* 8w fixed vanes from Batty very easy to erect if not to carry and he says guaranteed to fire up every time, true enough so far.


  1. Yes, I'm also told that the standard 3-pin and screw mount 125w bulbs will be removed from sale soon. I have already stocked up with enough bulbs to last me until I reach 200 years old - ever the optimist.

  2. Thanks for the 'cheer up' message Liz. I have been out all day looking for micros...with very good results. Two more in the freezer for you Peter.

  3. Ina, have you developed a stutter or repetition-itis?

  4. I have removed the stutter now Liz, seems to happen when I try to reply on the tablet or phone!! B****y Google, not me of course! ;-)


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