Thursday 18 June 2015

On the Bog

I returned to Ceredigion for 3 nights this week. It was nice to see some of you and apologies for those I didn't get to meet.

I ran the Robinson one night at Brynarth, next door to Cors Ian but it was a bit chilly - and the reason I didn't run the Skinner up there. 25 species of macro and so far 1 micro with about 4 still to id. Like Simon, I walked across Cors Ian during the day and recorded quite a few micros and the odd macro in doing so. The highlight for me was being given the opportunity to trap on Cors Fochno, so on Tuesday night accompanied by Tony, I set up 1 Robinson and 1 Skinner on the edge of the bog. It was a mild night with only a slight breeze. I have quite a few micros to get through later in the year, including a lot of Coleophorids, but the list so far stands at 56 macros and 13 micro species, although I expect the micro numbers to at least double. Of interest: Silver Hook (first time I've ever caught this moth), Southern Wainscot, A wainscot still to id (but my money is on a Striped Wainscot), the first Riband Wave of the year, and a lovely Puss moth male. There was a male Ghost lekking as I set up. Micros included the rather dainty Adaina microdactyla plume. Peter Hall
Cors Fochno: Chinese Character

Cors Fochno: Fox

Cors Fochno: Peach Blossom

Cors Fochno: Puss

Cors Fochno: Scallop Shell

Cors Fochno: Silver Hook (in a pot)

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