Thursday 11 June 2015

Rhos Llawrcwrt - New Contributor

I started  moth trapping at Llawrcwrt back in 1988 and every few years the trap gets dusted off and put out again. With the improvement in the weather things seem to be perking up a bit and last night there were two moths that I haven't often seen. I therefore make my first foray onto the blog and am attempting to insert pictures of a Pebble prominent and Treble Lines below. Perhaps others don't see them often either.


  1. It's really good to get your contributions David. Rhos Llawr Cwrt is an important NNR. It supports an important colony of Marsh Fritillaries which David has been monitoring and recording since the 80's.
    There are few records for Pebble prominent from there which is surprising since there is plenty of Willow around. Treble lines does seem to have been increasing in number since 2000 but this may just be a result of more light trapping.


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