Wednesday 27 August 2014

Talybont garden moths

On a clear night when the temperature did not drop below 9C I caught 44 moths, 14 macro species and 4 micros. Large yellow underwing and Flounced rustic were most numerous, others included Common marbled carpet, Rosy rustic, Garden carpet, Small wainscot, Double-striped pug, Treble-bar, and 2 Shuttle-shaped dart (a common moth in the south and centrally, which has been extending its range northwards, but one which I have not recorded here before this year). In the micros A. tristella and E. postvittana topped the list, others were A. geniculea U. ferrugalis (Rusty-dot pearl).
Shuttle-shaped dart

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  1. Nice! Good to know you are getting on with the moths whilst your 'glamorous assistant' is away. ;-)


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