Monday 11 August 2014

Cross Inn

I visited your shores over the weekend to stay with the previous owners of Brynarth Country Guesthouse, who are now close by one of your two Cross Inns. I say that because Doris, my SatNav decided to take us to the other one. Despite Bertha, I had a reasonable catch, running one 125w mv trap overnight with so far 42 species of macro and 11 micro, with a few still to look at. A tip for you all that struggle to separate Trachycera (now Acrobasis) suavella from advenella: See the red head and red front to the thorax? That is absent from suavella and visible with the naked eye too. And the Campion image, note that the two stigma (reniform and orbicular) merge at the dorsum end - they stay separate in the Lychnis.
Walking down the lane at night from the house, I was delighted to see many Magpie moths flying in the torchlight. Even in the rain from Bertha, they were out and about and one came to the trap also.
Peter Hall
Trachycera (Acrobasis) advenella


Black Arches

Rosy Rustic
Magpie moth

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  1. Only two records of Trachycera (Acrobasis) suavella so far Peter, both down to you. After your id tips we may see more, I hope.
    My regards to Doris!


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