Sunday 24 August 2014

Seeing red

I'm not sure if you get Red Underwing your way, but as it's common here just across the border, you may well do. I've walked around the house 3 times now in the last 10 days and sitting, well camouflaged on the walls, I counted 1, then none and today 3. It may be well worth a walk around your homes over the next few days to see if you can spot them too. Peter Hall
This one was actively flying in the sunshine before
 roosting high up on the SW house wall

These 2 were on the W facing wall


  1. Noticed there were a few around other parts, but not seen any, yet.

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    1. Sorry Peter, I can only give you a blank map! It was a target species on a moth course with David Brown at Preston Montford Field Centre, near Shrewsbury earlier this month but we failed to find any.


  3. I've finally been able to download the NBN Gateway map for the species. It's one of those websites that only seems to work 9-5 Monday thru Friday. It's not been found in the area...yet


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