Sunday, 31 August 2014

More garden moths

Last night was the warmest and calmest for some time and the catch added up to 99 macros of 22 species, 17 micros of 9 species. 43 Large yellow underwing , 11 Flame shoulder, 9 Setaceous hebrew character was over half the total. Also Lesser, Least, and Lesser broad bordered yellow underwings, Centre-barred sallow, Dusky thorn, Oak hook-tip, Oblique carpet, Silver Y, and Square-spot rustic. In the micros there were Agriphila tristella and geniculea, Rusty-dot pearl, Light brown apple moths, Codling moth, Garden pebble, and Twenty plume.
Centre-barred sallow

Square-spot rustic
Agriphila geniculea

Twenty plume moth

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