Sunday 31 August 2014

More garden moths

Last night was the warmest and calmest for some time and the catch added up to 99 macros of 22 species, 17 micros of 9 species. 43 Large yellow underwing , 11 Flame shoulder, 9 Setaceous hebrew character was over half the total. Also Lesser, Least, and Lesser broad bordered yellow underwings, Centre-barred sallow, Dusky thorn, Oak hook-tip, Oblique carpet, Silver Y, and Square-spot rustic. In the micros there were Agriphila tristella and geniculea, Rusty-dot pearl, Light brown apple moths, Codling moth, Garden pebble, and Twenty plume.
Centre-barred sallow

Square-spot rustic
Agriphila geniculea

Twenty plume moth

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