Wednesday 20 August 2014

An Autumnal Night in Talybont

Cold, down to 3c with the odd downpour of rain last night.  Most moths were behaving as though it was autumn, that is to say more outside than in the trap. So it may not be down to species (as I thought), but temperature that causes this behaviour.  One day I will study this further.
Just eleven species, most numerous - 22 A.tristella. Flounced Rustic almost outnumbering Lg.Y.Uw. and this rather worn Rusty-dot Pearl.

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  1. You were trapping in August at 3 degrees? That's commitment. I think it is both Ina. Brimstone, as an example, rarely goes into the trap, but sits around the light in the near undergrowth. Red-necked footman you tend to find a little closer to the trap, just beyond the white sheet. Now, temperature will affect activity as you allude to and increase moths around rather than in, when cool.


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