Tuesday 13 September 2016

Where have our moths gone?

The weather last night was very good for mothing and yet a Robinson trap with a 60W Actinic light in our garden on the edge of a village, caught just 18 moths of 11 common species. They were: Common marbled carpet, Green carpet, Silver Y, Square-spot rustic, Large yellow underwing, Brimstone, Setaceous Hebrew character, Garden carpet, Lesser yellow underwing, Light brown apple moth and Firethorn leaf miner.

Tony & Ina


  1. Better here (at last). 161 moths of 17 species. 82 were Silver Ys, mostly on the house walls.

  2. You are doing rather better than I am. Only 10 moths of seven species here this morning. Large Yellow Underwing, Pink Barred Sallow, Brimstone Moth, Flame, Green Carpet, Silver Y and Canary shouldered Thorn.
    Other moths his week were:- Common Marbled Carpet, July Highflyer, Purple Bar, Sallow and Chevron.


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