Friday 23 September 2016

Another C.H. and a vc46 First

This one is alive, well just about.  This Convolvulus Hawkmoth walked into a house in Borth and is the tenth found at or in the same house and garden over the last few days.  Amazing! There is one lonely Nicotiana plant in the front garden...but that may be all it took.

The second piece of good news this morning is L-album Wainscot in one of our own traps at Wallog.  There are no other records in the data so county first it is then!

I'm very excited, can you tell? ;-)
More later maybe.
Ina and Tony

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  1. Popped in to see Martin Townsend yesterday and he was talking about sightings on the Isle of Scilly where Convolvulus were attracted to Ginger Lily plants. Somewhere around 70 moths. I'm going to order a plant in the Spring. Some varieties are half-hardy so a nice garden sheltered spot should be ok.


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