Friday 9 September 2016

Scalloped Hook-Tip? and Square-spot Rustic

I've caught several what I take to be Scalloped Hook-tips in the trap recently. They are all similar but differ quite a bit from the illustrations I have seen. The inner cross band is markedly bent, there is no dark central dot mentioned in the book, also it's not very "hooky". I've not seen them before. Perhaps they are very variable or have I got something else.
Also another first for Llawrcwrt and me, a Square-spot Rustic.


  1. How big are they David? they look (August) Thorn-like?

    1. Looking again, it must be an August Thorn Peter. It's about 23mm. I think the first one I caught had a rather more hooked tip, and it was on the day that a Barred Hook-tip was posted on the blog. A moth I hadn't seen before. I got fixated on (barely existent) hooked tips and didn't look further afield. I shall change my record sheets. Thank you.


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