Wednesday 28 September 2016

Scalloped Hazel caterpillar?

I think this is the scarce green lichen form of the Scalloped hazel caterpillar.  Climbing into a crevice or down the trunk* on a birch along the railway line Cors Caron tonight so apologies for the photo: it was so dark!  It is the end of its larval period so looks fat enough to pupate.
 * Can't tell which is the front end!


  1. Looks good to me Liz...well spotted.
    I would never have found that, it's just far too big for me! ;-)

  2. Interesting markings. Well done on finding it Liz, especially in poor light.

  3. Ina, to tell the truth I was funghi/lichen spotting so my eye was tuned in. I have been obsessed with finding a yellow Browed warbler but it was too dark and miserable for that little Siberian sprite to put in an appearance so had a go at funghi instead. ( I rather resent the loss of the h in american dominated spellchecker).


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