Wednesday 27 July 2016

Welsh Wave and garden moths

Whilst Ina enjoyed some home comfort with the garden moth trap, I scaled the local hill through the rain to check for Welsh waves. I only caught one but I was relieved to know that they are still there. This is the 5th consecutive year that we have recorded them at this site. Welsh wave is the only moth known to have been discovered first in Ceredigion, in 1839, but it is not particularly common in the county with only 54 records before this year. The only other new moth for the year was a Dun-bar.

 In the garden Ina had 22 Large yellow underwing, 6 Silver Y, Iron prominent, Antler moth, a photogenic Ruby tiger and other regulars.

Welsh wave


Brown china-mark


Ruby tiger

Ruby tiger
 Tony & Ina


  1. A Dun-bar in my trap yesterday, Is it a bit surprising just how regular the date of first appearance seems to be, all over the county, bearing in mind just how small the sample is?

  2. A question more than a comment. Are the 24 Welsh Waves so far recorded, widely spread around the county or confined to one or two sites?

    1. They are mostly in the north and east but there is 1 record near to you from Birdlip farm SN395459 in 1975. I will post a distribution map separately.


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