Monday 25 July 2016

Pretty Chalk Carpet….ALIVE!

In the trap this morning despite a chilly breeze early on.  I am quite excited as I really didn't think there could be a colony in one lone bush, and to think Timmy, my weed puller, said he'd give it a trim next week as its expanding fast!  Red says there is a plant up near Ystrad Meurig on the railway line and Arthur shows plants to the north and west but a long way away.  My plant was about 15cm high with 4 or 5 shoots when I planted it about 8 years ago so could have had eggs on it I suppose.
I've put it back under the plant and told it not to venture out to the south west and get in range of Tillo's Roth trap!

Thankyou Rosemary and Ian for encouraging words.  Previous records according to Fowles were in 1979/80 at Llechrhyd.


  1. Great stuff and well done! This moth occurs on the Carboniferous limestone with us in Carms, where Clematis is frequent such as at Carmel Woods and I`ve had it (beaten out of a bush by day) at Pendine. Otherwise, Clematis (and presumably the moth) is quite scattered with us...I`ll try to check-out some Clematis established on urban brownfield here at Llanelli in the far south-east - and perhaps at Llandeilo railway station too. Remember that other `good` moths occur on Clematis eg Haworth`s pug, small waved umber and others that I`ve forgotten about! Try beating the Clematis by day, or better still, at dusk.

  2. You have reminded me to id the pug that was in the box!!

  3. Well done Liz, 10 out of 10 for perseverance. I am so pleased that you have found this moth to prove that the dead one was not an accidental import. You are right about the only other records which were in the south of the county close to the Pembrokeshire where the moth has been recorded. It is a mystery how your colony started as they have never been recorded in your neighbour's RIS trap in the last 40 years.

    1. Re RIS trap: I consider that a bonus then!
      Red can't remember where he got the plant from.


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