Tuesday 26 July 2016

I am trying to put photos into blogs so please bear with me. I can't remember finding it difficult a few years ago when I put some photos on another blog so wonder if the method has changed. I don't know if others have had problems doing so using an iPad but I have struggled. Anyway, here are 3 recent finds.


  1. Your photos look good Phil.
    I don't have an iPad but on an android tablet the blog looks the same as on my laptop.
    I will ask around.

  2. Hope you were excited by the female ghost moth, a big girl and colourful.

    1. Hi Liz, I 'm so new to 'mothing' that they all excite me but I must admit the Ghost was a special treat. I have set the trap up at Rhos Glandenys in Cross Inn tonight so I'll look forward to seeing what is there.

  3. Hello Phil, The only problem that I have had is orientation. Sometimes the photo's are on their side or upside down. I have had some success turning them on the computer and re-entering them. It's a bit hit and miss. I find that having uploaded them I can't remove them, though they can be removed from the final post

  4. Thank you, David. I will continue to experiment. The joy of being recently retired is that I have the time. I suspect that blogger works more easily with android devices.


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