Saturday 30 July 2016

Mr & Mrs Four-spotted Footman

In her garden near Llanrhystud, Aline reported not one but two Four-spotted Footman, a male and a female in the same trap. There are only 20 previous county records for this nationally scarce moth and 8 of those have been recorded by Sarah at Aberporth in the last three years.




Distribution map for Ceredigion


  1. That's interesting. Has Llanrhysted been trapped much before, Tony? If not, keep going Aline and fill in the coastal gap.

    1. The tetrad, SN56J, which goes from Llanrhystud southwards, is not heavily recorded. It contains 51 records and 28 species, so there is lots of scope for finding new species for that square. The 10km square which contains Llanrhystud one of our least recorded squares with 119 species and 227 records. These figures should improve this year with Aline and the new recorders at Cross Inn.


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