Thursday 28 July 2016

Rhos Glandenys, Cross Inn

I set up my trap (an 8W 12V Paul Batty Heath trap) at Rhos Glandenys last night. I see that the records for Magpie moths seem to have tumbled in the last 2 decades so I was delighted to find 2 there. Others were Large Yellow Underwing, Poplar Moth (x2), Flame Carpet, Dingy Footman, Straw Dot, Antler, Common Rustic, July Highflyer, Dotted Clay and Red Twinspot Carpet. (At least that is what I have identified them as, but it is a steep learning curve!). I must now make the effort to get to 'meet ups' in order to improve my id skills. I'm finding Common Rustics particularly difficult as they seem to show so much variation.


  1. I'm not sure how you feel about keeping moths Phil? there are certain variations of Common Rustic that are candidates for Lesser Common Rustic, but need closer inspection under the microscope. The samples I've taken from Ceredigion in the past show that Lesser CR is quite common. Otherwise all yours will have to go down as Aggregate. I'm sure Ina and Tony will agree when I say that the blog is also to be used to help id moths, so feel free to put queries up. And if you are happy keeping moths, collect and label them up and hand them over to Ina and she'll get them to me to id for you.

    1. Thank you, Peter. At the moment I'm trying to keep a photographic record of my finds and at some stage I will probably ask somebody to confirm that I am giving them the correct id. I'll probably meet Ina for the first time when I go to Ynys Hir on Sunday. At the moment I'm still having great fun just trying to identify the more obvious moths. I had already noted from Townsend and Waring that LCR and CR can only be separated by genitalia, but even within CR it shows a large variabilty. What fun!


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