Friday 22 July 2016


Found on our lounge windowsill today a dead Pretty Chalk Carpet!  At first glance I thought it was a Beautiful carpet then tried to fit it to Blue Bordered but its distinctive pattern can only be as titled.

There is a large mass of Traveller's Joy about 50 feet away from the window.  Grown over some years from a small plant Red gave me.
Could we have transported it here?  Only been to Anglesey in the last week.  Swansea the week before which is a possibility but I think I cleaned up between those dates!!
What are the rules on finding dead ones?  Ship assisted or escapee?!!
Trap will be out beside the plant tonight.


  1. I`d suggest that the moth came naturally ie it`s established on the Clematis. It may be worth trying a battery-run actinic next to the Clematis clump or - easier - try beating by day.

  2. PS...did n`t notice your last sentence - good luck!

  3. I have Pretty Chalk Carpet here in the garden at Orlandon Kilns solely because there is Traveller's Joy all around the garden (unfortunately!) and in the copse opposite - I have no idea why its here as it is not common in this part of Pembs. The moths come frequently to the outside light, often several at a time, and I do occasionally get them in a trap, either MV or Actinic.

  4. I hope you find more moths on the Clematis Liz, it will be really good to add it to the county list with some certainty!

  5. Lucky you Rosemary! I'm trying for another with traps but I'll also look for caterpillars.


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